Michele Faragalli

Dr. Faragalli has conducted research and led multiple projects in the field of planetary rover mobility since 2006. His work has included implementing terramechanics models for JAXA rovers, developing intelligent algorithms and advanced state estimation techniques for a legged robot for DRDC, proposing a novel optimization framework for the design of compliant wheels for a lunar rover and numerous design contributions to CSA rover prototypes. Dr. Faragalli has been invited to lecture on the challenges of planetary mobility and delivers a popular workshop on planetary mobility and analog rover mission simulations at the International Space University’s Space Studies Program. Dr. Faragalli’s experience includes managing all capability and technology innovation in the mechanical engineering group of a multinational company. Dr. Faragalli is a sessional lecturer in the Department of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering at Carleton University and is currently an invited member of the Queen’s University Mining and Mechanical Engineering Department Industry-Academic Advisory Committee.