Why Use Mission Control Software?

Save cost

By reducing operator workload with workflow autonomy, re-using software across hardware and missions, and leveraging network effects of Mission Control Software’s Software-as-a-Service licensing model.

Save time

By increasing efficiency in operations through autonomy, reducing software development cycle time, leveraging off-the-shelf software and hardware.

Don’t reinvent the wheel

Our software framework provides APIs for 3rd party front-ends, cloud-based algorithms or mission applications – so you can focus on what matters most: your mission.

Provide better customer experience

By allowing customers to operate their missions from home, engaging with a wider customer base, and leveraging modern web-based technologies.

Leverage us

We can offer support for software development, code review, hardware integration and testing and we’ll be developing and deploying new capabilities continuously. And we’re here to stay: we’re an emerging leader in space robotics in Canada, and Canada is committed to Lunar exploration.