Candice Kinney

Posted on December 13, 2021

Candice Kinney is the Communications Manager at Mission Control and brings 10+ years of experience in marketing and communications to the team. Prior to joining Mission Control, Candice has worked with various tech companies; helping them expand their overall message and reach new and existing markets through public relations, social media and other communication strategies. Away from work she enjoys spending time with her family, being outdoors and woodworking.

Emily Harrington

Posted on December 7, 2021

Emily joins Mission Control with 10 years of experience working behind the scenes supporting technology start-ups, helping small and medium-sized enterprises navigate government and industry partnerships, the early days of hiring, and everything in between. As the Manager of Business Operations, Emily will oversee the office management as we navigate the next phase of growth for Mission Control.

Rohaan Ahmed

Posted on December 6, 2021

Rohaan Ahmed (PEng, PMP, Six Sigma Greenbelt) is a Product Manager at Mission Control. During his career, he has had the privilege of working on some iconic Space Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, and Aviation programs, including the ExoMars 2022 Mars Rover for the European Space Agency, the Canadarm3 for NASA’s Deep Space Lunar Gateway, the Canadarm2 for the International Space Station, F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, and Airbus A380. Rohaan is currently pursuing a PhD in Computer Science, whilst holding a Masters degree in Aerospace Engineering and a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Toronto. In addition, he currently serves as a Combat Engineering Officer in the Canadian Armed Forces, and as Marketing Director in Children of Hope, a federally registered charity enabling education for orphaned and destitute children worldwide

Yolanda Brown

Posted on October 14, 2021

Yolanda is the Director of People and Programs at Mission Control where she provides the programmatic execution expertise to support the success of Mission Controls’ strategic goals. She has over 20 years of experiences in the space industry and has been involved with projects through all phases, from pre-phase 0 studies through design and development to commissioning and on-orbit operations. Previous programs include RapidEye, an optical Earth Observation 5-satellite constellation, Sapphire, a space surveillance small satellite and as well as numerous projects using AI / ML to improve performance and reduce operator loading.  Yolanda holds a BEng (Aerospace) from Carleton University and has been a certified PMP member since 2015. Away from work she enjoys spending time with her family, cooking, and baking (particularly cupcakes), and travelling.

Dr. Andrew Macdonald

Posted on October 12, 2021

Andrew is an AI Specialist at Mission Control where he advances artificial intelligence technologies and products. With a background in aerospace and nanotechnology his expertise spans anomaly detection, imaging spectroscopy, and remote sensing data analysis. Andrew holds a PhD from the University of British Columbia (Physics) and a BSc from the University of Waterloo (Mathematical Physics). On weekends you can find him hiking, canoeing, or in a tent with a paperback and his husky-shepherd Max.

Colton Smith

Posted on October 12, 2021

Colton is a Robotics/Software Engineering Co-op Student at Mission Control. A fourth-year Computer Engineering student at Memorial University of Newfoundland, Colton has previous software development experience working on tooling at Wind River Systems, and on applications for prototype holographic displays at Avalon Holographics. In his spare time, Colton enjoys watching movies,  tinkering with personal projects, and spending time with friends.

Samuel Street

Posted on September 27, 2021

Samuel is a Robotics/Software Engineering Co-op Student at Mission Control. He is a second-year mechanical engineering student enrolled at the University of Waterloo. His background encompasses previous systems engineering experience through a CSA co-op in addition to software development and Linux systems experience at a Brantford-based firm. He is also a member of UW Orbital, the university of Waterloo’s CubeSat student design team. In his spare time, he likes to work on personal coding projects and watch movies.

Dr. Jen Newman

Posted on September 13, 2021

Jen is a Postdoctoral Mitacs Intern at Mission Control and a Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Winnipeg who is working on mission operation concepts. Jen has a Ph.D. (Geology & Planetary Science) from Western University and a M.Sc. (Earth & Atmospheric Sciences) and B.Sc. (Environmental Earth Sciences, Biological Sciences) from the University of Alberta. While at Western, Jen was part of three analogue rover missions with the CSA. In her spare time, Jen likes to watch hockey, stargaze, and cook.

Cosette Gilmour

Posted on September 13, 2021

Cosette is a Ph.D. Candidate in Earth and Space Sciences at York University and is a Mitacs intern at Mission Control assisting with the I-SPI mission. She is a planetary geologist who studies the chemical and physical properties of airless bodies. She received both her B.Sc. and M.Sc. degrees in geology at the University of Alberta. Cosette has interned at the Lunar and Planetary Institute where she helped complete a geologic assessment of the Moon’s south pole to identify potential extra-vehicular activity targets for NASA’s Artemis mission. Cosette enjoys going for walks with her dog, Molly, and playing board games with friends.

Stayci Keetch

Posted on June 16, 2021

As Manager of Communications, Stayci communicates the business objectives of Mission Control, while marketing our strong brand and reputation. Stayci is a corporate marketing and communications leader helping companies build brands and execute digital-first communication strategies for over 15 years. Stayci started her career as a broadcast television producer working for YTV,  producing shows for HGTV and The Food Network Canada, and documentaries for TVO.  She transitioned into website design management, ultimately starting her own communications firm. Stayci won the Digital Marketer of the Year Award, and was a finalist for Businesswoman of The Year in 2019, and received the Forty under 40 Award in 2018.