Mission Control Academy at UCT

The reaches of our program go far beyond the Northern Hemisphere!
University of Cape Town Space Lab, all the way in South Africa, is our second Mission Control site this summer! University level students have had the opportunity to learn directly from our team of experts on all of our MCA topics. Team Alpha and Bravo are blasting off this week, so follow our friends UCT on Twitter and keep up to date with our hashtag, #MissionControlAcademy and on Facebook!



ASAS has been one of the biggest projects happening at the Mission Control offices for some time now, so it was great to get out of the office and over to the Mars Yard at CSA to do some more testing and demos with the team. Fortunately, we had some nice weather in Montreal!


Davidson Institute Mission Control Academy

Davidson Institute was the first run of Mission Control Academy this summer, all the way in Rehovot, Israel. Teams of students were able to remotely meet our team and learn about our MCA topics: Rover Systems, Planetary Science, and Space Mission Design. Finally, in their mission simulation they controlled a rover thousands of miles away in Montreal Canada on the Canadian Space Agency Mars Yard. Follow us on Twitter to see what’s happening with our MCA missions around the world this summer!


MCA at Ashbury – Press Release


Check out our press release linked above, announcing the exciting opportunity for those in the Ottawa area to take part in Mission Control Academy this summer! Registration has yet to close, so if you know of students ages 11-16 (some exceptions can be made) please contact anne@missioncontrolspaceservices.com or visit Ashbury’s registration page: https://summer.ashbury.ca/products/mission-control-academy


Mission Control at National Science and Innovation Gala

Mission Control was excited to support our friends at the Canada Aviation and Space Museum as they hosted the first National Science and Innovation Gala.

Not only did we get the opportunity to show off our rover technology, we also got a chance to speak with the Governor General of Canada, David Johnston, and watch the inspiring ceremony awarding the first STEAM Horizons awards to seven deserving Canadian youth.

Follow our Twitter and Facebook to see more photos from the event!



Mission Control Academy 2017

MCA 2017

Mission Control Space Services is excited to announce the dates of the four Mars exploration missions we are deploying this summer.
Mission Control Academy is a high-fidelity rover simulation mission that engages participants in planetary science, engineering, planetary rover operations, and space mission planning. The program culminates with the opportunity to remotely drive a real planetary rover prototype at the Canadian Space Agency Mars Yard in Montreal, Canada.
Teams of participants around the world are preparing to blast off, so set your calendars and keep up to date with each mission by following the hashtag #MissionControlAcademy

Mission Control Academy at Davidson Institute of Science (Rehovot, Israel), June 5-7
Mission Control Academy at University of Capetown (UCT) (Cape Town, South Africa), July 13-14
Mission Control Academy at Ashbury College (Ottawa, Canada), July 14
Mission Control Academy at International Space University SSP (Cork, Ireland), Aug 1-2


Mission Control Academy Logo

Mission Control Academy Logo


Our team has been working hard to develop and refine our rover simulation education program, Mission Control Academy. This year has seen some great changes to our curriculum and mission planning, including expanding our program to new age groups and audiences.

We are excited to unveil our new Mission Control Academy logo. Look forward to seeing it in a few places around the world this summer!


2017 ASAS Testing

Gearing up for the final few months of our ASAS project, our team is preparing for some more field testing of our software. Our robotics engineers have been performing set-up, integration, and preliminary testing on our rover from a cozy corner at the Canada Aviation and Space Museum in Ottawa. Drop by to say hi, and follow us on our social media channels to see more images from the upcoming test campaigns!


Mission Control at SEDS Ascension 2017


Last week at the SEDS Ascension 2017 Conference in Toronto, Kaizad Raimalwala, one of our Junior Robotics Engineers, gave a great talk about our company and activities. Kaizad is also Chief of Staff of Students for the Exploration and Development of Space (SEDS) Canada. To check out more of their activities, please see their website: https://seds.ca/


ASAS Test Campaign

Our ASAS project is in full swing.
Here are some members of our team and our friends at ARGO XTR last week, out in the field with the rover doing testing campaigns.
Part of developing Autonomous Soil Assessment System involves testing and acquiring data in different combinations of slope and terrain type (sand, gravel and bedrock). Using machine learning, this information will be used to help future autonomous vehicles to make their own ‘decisions’ in real-time.