Mission Control is a space exploration and robotics company with a focus on mission operations, onboard autonomy, and artificial intelligence. We believe the right software can enable cheaper and more efficient missions, and live mission accessibility – the key to democratizing space exploration.

Our Mission Control Software streamlines end-to-end development and operations for robotic space missions.  In both the space or ground segments it can make your development time faster, your operations more efficient, and your customer experience better.

We believe in sustainable exploration and inspiring the next generation to always keep exploring.

Spaceflight Software: A New Paradigm

Rapid Development     •     Portable     •     Reusable     •     Hardware Adaptable

Flight software is hard. We’re developing a portable software framework that allows flight software to be abstracted to facilitate development and reuse across robotic missions – and make your job easier.

The high-level language abstraction in a linux environment enables seamless transition between flight software development in desktop and embedded environments.

We’re also developing custom mission applications and SDKs out-of-the-box for robotic and lunar applications.


Mission Control as a Service

Cloud Based   •   Deploy On-Demand   •   Scalable   •   Distributed Operations

Focused on your space mission? Haven’t thought yet about the ground segment? We provide you with Mission Control Software, a turnkey pay-as-you-go solution for your ground segment needs.

Our Mission Control Software is a cloud-based software framework that allows distributed teams to operate a space mission. Let us customize your mission applications for your operations teams and payload customers, or do it yourself with our API. Want to engage with a wider audience? Why not develop a public-facing web interface for your mission!

Not ready for space just yet? Use our cloud-based solution for your terrestrial robotics applications and analogue missions, like we do!



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