Mission Control was established to deliver low-cost, innovative solutions to problems in space and on earth. Through technology development and industry consulting, we want to extend access to space for all, and facilitate Canadian contributions to the emerging space economy.

With a focus on innovation and commercialization, Mission Control can help to generate opportunities in both the space and terrestrial arenas. The Mission Control leadership team is comprised of experts with experience in the domains of spaceflight operations, advanced sensor systems and robotics, satellite applications, component design, planetary mobility, planetary science, astrobiology, and operations or management consulting. We maintain close contacts within the space industry in Canada and throughout the world. How can we help you navigate the NewSpace landscape?

Education and Outreach

Mission Control has a great deal of expertise in executing successful educational programs. For three consecutive years, the team has been able to deliver programs designed to simulate mission planning, definition and real time planning operations, overseen by a team of space experts from academia and industry. For us, this arm of our business represents a sample of core values that Mission Control wants to share: teamwork, collaboration, and the importance of STEM and space exploration.

Space Applications

Mission Control’s team has a variety of members that have extensive expertise in the large and ever-growing field of space applications. Whether it be sourcing and creating hardware for satellites or components for satellite missions, or taking and creating useful information from the data that comes down from these missions, Mission Control has the right team and resources to offer consulting services and help qualify your hardware, software, and ideas for launch and use in outer space.

Space Exploration & Advanced Technologies

Like many visionaries in the field, Mission Control believes in value of space exploration. The leadership team at Mission Control has extensive experience in this field, from concept development to design, testing, integration and deployment. In the past, Mission Control personnel have been involved in the development of the majority of CSA’s fleet of rovers, and in deep space exploration with contributions to space telescopes.

Value Propositions

Mission Control offers an extensive network of working relationships with many commercial entities, space agencies, and academic institutions. Whether we are leading technology development projects, consulting on space-readiness, contributing to strategic partnerships, or offering outreach and educational services, we strive to provide maximum value to all parties. We are a low-cost, nimble team of experts. Tell us about your mission; we’d love to help make it successful.

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